Irish hotels are facing an enormous challenge as they reopen after COVID 19 restrictions. To put it simply the hospitality sector in Ireland does not have enough workers. Many businesses are unable to recruit enough staff, and many are not able to operate at full capacity. This is causing headaches for managers and also hitting profits.

Ireland’s hotels are reliant on top-quality workers. This is essential if they are to provide a great experience for both local and international guests. It can be hard to recruit new workers, especially skilled professionals. One way the Irish hospitality industry can manage this problem is to retain key staff and reduce turnover in the number of employees.

Several strategies have been used internationally, that has allowed hotels to retain their staff. This means that they do not have to be constantly looking out for new workers.  As a result, they are saving time and money. There is some good news, many effective staff retention strategies do not rely on extra pay or financial incentives.

Irish hotels need to do the following to retain their staff.

Flexible working. Consult with your staff members so that they can work in a way that gives them more work-life balance. If people believe that their employer allows them a good work-life balance they are more likely to stay over the longer term. Irish hoteliers can work with their staff to develop schedules that suit all parties.

Give perks. Many sectors provide bonuses and perks for meeting goals. Irish hotels should be prepared to reward high-performance levels. For example, reward employees who perform at a high level with time off or awards that recognize their good work.

Professional development opportunities. One way to retain staff is to allow them to develop their personal and professional skills. Irish hotels and the Irish hospitality industry, in general, are getting better at providing staff with opportunities to develop their career. However, more can be done. They can offer staff online training opportunities for example.

New management style: Many in the Irish hotel sector have changed their management and leadership styles. Irish hotels with managers who listen to staff members and can create teams are more likely to retain staff. A modern management style can create an inclusive and fun working environment, one which will increase employee job satisfaction. Managers need to create an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable and where difference is accepted and celebrated. This is crucial in the Irish hospitality sector as a large percentage of its workforce now comprises people from all over the globe.

Clear career path: People usually are ambitious and want to fulfil their potential.  Demonstrate that staff members who join have a real opportunity to progress their careers. For example, encourage them to apply for managerial roles and provide them with job training. People who have a chance to obtain promotions are more likely to stay in the hospitality sector over the longer term.