About Us

About Us

Hotel Recruitment – Finding Excellence

Hotel Recruitment is a specialist hospitality recruiter for the hotel industry in Ireland. We cater for all levels of vacancies in the hotel industry, from junior positions such as accommodation assistance and bar staff to senior managers. We have built up a vast network throughout Europe over a number of years and can now offer you the very best candidates for every aspect of your business. This network also allows us to offer a fast and professional service, saving you time and hassle. Our candidates are looking for long-term jobs and want to advance in their career in the hotel industry. We build up relationships with our candidates and support them as they move up the ladder in their jobs.

All our candidates have proven experience in the industry; we provide our clients with in-depth profiles of these candidates complete with checked references, copy of educational qualifications, health check and police clearance check. These profiles also give clients an insight into their personality and skill set. We work on a fixed fee basis for most of our placements and operate on a percentage fee on specialised and managerial roles. This makes our service both efficient and affordable for our clients.

Our Process

Hotel Recruitment has a long-established network of recruiters all over Europe who find us the very best candidates with the kills that you need. Once we source suitable individuals, we interview them to make sure they’re suitable for your business and they create profiles according to our guidelines. We then send these profiles to your HR manager who can arrange interviews. Our extensive network of candidates means that we can source great individuals quickly and professionally.

Candidates’ Profiles

We offer the most in-depth profiles in the hospitality recruitment industry to ensure you get the right candidates first time round without wasting your time on individuals who are not right for your vacancy.

All profiles include:

  • Professionally built CV
  • Detailed timelines of employment
  • Detailed list of duties completed
  • Two verified references, translated
  • Health check
  • Criminal record check
  • Verified proof of education
  • Copy of passport

Efficient & Cost-Effective

  • Our service is affordable for all our clients as we work on a fixed fee basis for most placements (percentage basis for senior and specialised roles)
  • Hotel Recruitment can save you days sifting through unsuitable applications – we only give you those applications that are right for you
  • We verify all candidate information (eg qualifications and references) before sending you suitable profiles
  • Our candidates are serious long-term candidates, saving you time and money in constantly retraining short-term candidates
  • Our in-depth candidate profiles save time as you will immediately know from the profile if the candidate is suitable for your business
  • We save you the cost of posting job adverts and potentially hiring someone unsuitable for your job
  • We build up long-term relationships with our hotel clients; the more we recruit for your business, the more we know about your business and the less time we need to find you the ideal person for each vacancy

Snr. Management

General Manger ⋅ Deputy General Manager ⋅ Operations Manager ⋅ Duty Manger

Kitchen Staff

Head Chef ⋅ Kitchen Manager ⋅ Sous Chef ⋅ Chef de Partie ⋅ Commis Chef Pastry Chef ⋅ Sushi Chef

Restaurant Staff

Restaurant Manager ⋅ Assistant Restaurant Manager ⋅ Restaurant Supervisor ⋅ Waiting Staff ⋅ Chef de Rang ⋅ Sommelier

Housekeeping Staff

Head Housekeeper ⋅ Housekeeper ⋅ Maintenance ⋅ House Manager ⋅ Butler ⋅ PA ⋅ Driver

Reception hotel staff

Reception Staff

Head Receptionist ⋅ Receptionist ⋅ Concierge ⋅ Porter

Bar Staff

Bar Manger ⋅ Head Bar Person ⋅ Bar Staff ⋅ Mixologist ⋅ Barista

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